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hello everyone

2012-12-14 20:30:34 by takeshie01

Hi all, I am takeshie 01, I'm working on three projects:
the first is Universe mixer, I'm doing a game based on a story (of which I am the creator) on character fans within it expect to see goku, master chief, mario, ichigo, megaman, naruto, sonic, and many more, along with my fancharacters zeke, lix, kail and Ezekiel (well I said a lot)
the second is an anime about the game, but more extensive, with three seasons of 50 episodes each.
the last, and in my opinion will be a leap for some and for others a tantrum, is the continuation of SUPER MARIO BROS Z!!, with the same features that made the series so popular as it is now.if you want to know more about it, wait for the preview images in this page.
thanks for reading.